Luck and Associates continues to build a network of professionals that are agents for change in peoples personal lives. From healthy bodies to healthy minds. Offering Powerful Hypnosis with NLP to physical modalities such as Yoga, retreat adventures in exotic locations, Primal (Raw) Diet Consultations, Lomilomi Massage, Cosmetic Acupuncture and more. We work with people and groups that have their pulse on the Natural Health industry. We are able to assist a wide variety of partners in getting together to facilitate real change in habits, development and opportunities to heal or just make great improvements. We help bring clients together with practitioners and assist in positive and powerful change. We bring the Law Of Attraction alive by teaching our clients. We Teach, You Do, You Win. Jay Love Joy Luck

Hypnosis when combined with Powerful NLP teaches our clients to get rid of the bad habits that are stopping them from the very things they want. 
What we think about most we get... 
More about Hypnosis is Powerful especially When Combined with NLP
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Fred, used to smoke 60 cigarettes every day. Now zero. And it was easy!

Check out the testimonial by a Medical Doctor who quit smoking and chewing tobacco with hypnosis and NLP at our Wisconsin Clinic. Then open this video of a client who smoked 60 cigs a day and quit. It was easy! 
To see his video interview, please here

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NLP is about effective internal and external communication as well as influencing change in states. That's why people who are in sales would love NLP selling techniques. Though NLP techniques are generic and can be used in any area of one’s life, many of the methods are very effective when directly applied to sales. That is exactly what successful sales people do, communicate well and influence the customers’ state. 
There are so many NLP selling techniques that can help you close the deal that it would take pages and pages of info to get it all in. But we thought that you would like just a few examples of what we teach in our NLP training. The NLP selling techniques into split into 2 groups; using NLP in what you communicate to the customer and how you communicate it to the customer. 

1. Building rapport 
We all know that half of the reason we buy something is because of the quality of the product, while the other half is because we like the person selling it or the service we got while perusing. We are more willing to buy from someone we like than someone we don’t like. So as a salesperson, the first thing you need to do is make your customer like you and you do that by quickly building rapport with them. 
NLP allows you to do that with a technique called mirroring and matching. This method simply involves mirroring your customers’ gestures, habits, words that they use, talking style, anything that can be picked up. They will unconsciously pick it up and find themselves liking you more and more. Why? It’s because people like people who are just like them. Mirror and match your customers in an elegant and subtle way. When you do that the person you are mirroring will feel a connection to you because you appear similar to them. 
Sound weird? Well, don’t worry about it because we are unconsciously doing it every single day. Studies have shown that couples and long time friends mirror and match each other all the time. They do it naturally and elegantly, like a dance. You sometimes see this with couples who have been together for a while, I bet your thinking of one such couple now! 

2. Eliciting values 
Not everyone purchases a product for the same reason. Remember you can't sell a product on why YOU would want it, you need to find out why THEY want it. Find out what is important for them, then use that knowledge as a leverage to get them to purchase the product. 
Find out about their values by asking the customers. First ask a series of questions to elicit the values, only then proceed to introduce your product. Here’s an example; 
*Start with friendly chatter to break the ice before proceeding to the questions. 

Sir, what would you say is most important to you?’Well providing for my family and enjoying our "down time" together. 

I see. Is there anything else that you feel is important? 
To have a house to come home to that looks good and a safe place to raise my family. 

Which would you say is more important? 
Having a safe place for my family to be and feel comfortable, and providing that security for them. 
(Now then you tailor the introduction & description of your product to suit his values) 
I’m glad you feel that way sir because that is exactly what I and all of us here at (company name) believe as well. We have a process that determines how you can do just that, provide security for you and your family...(relate the product to his values) 
There are so many ways that you can use NLP to sell and become more successful in your job & family. That's why we offer a course specifically for you and what you need. Your NLP training will be a custom guided class, so give us a call to find out how you can learn NLP with us! (612) 868-8177 
Unhappy With Your Job? What causes most of us to be unhappy in these turbulent economic times?

The wall you build around you, also keeps out the Joy. You can 'struggle and force' change in your mind about things like this, or you can accelerate the change with Hypnosis and NLP. Want to know more?
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If you are tired of work being just a job. Listen up. We have a program for you. 

We'll Teach You ways to Discover:
  • Why Your Work Matters.
  • What are you there to do.
  • How to discern the importance of your existence in the work you do.
  • Learn how to find incredible Joy when you learn how to access the Real You.
  • Discover how you can live your life as a non-prisoner, free.
  • Work does not have to be 'what you are'.
  • Learn to work with joyful excellence.
  • Find out why the greatest workers in the world have Joy.
  • Discover how work is not a means to significance.
  • Learn how you can be on top of the circumstances of today's economy.

We teach you how to recognize you are 'worthy'.

What if we instructed you to discover for yourself how to find your venue and place? Could that change your Life?

There is an attitude about work. Some are in the wrong job. It's how we think about it that can change it. Whether that be to change jobs or to change how you do what you do. 

What you believe you can conceive. 

Your attitude is in your control. Discover how to find the control inside yourself.

Imagination. Belief. Action.

Find out about our continuing series for our clients to take advantage of our resources with our on-line sessions and seminars.

Apple Valley Hypnosis proudly joins Wisconsin Hypnosis Training Center in Green Bay and Appleton Wisconsin in December 2012. 

This training center will rock the hypnosis practitioner world. Following, Scott McFall (likely the worlds most proficient NLP and Hypnosis expert), the center will open in December 2012. 
Providing students an opportunity to not only learn the techniques for themselves, and if they wish to train others. 

The clinics will offer students opportunities to work with real clients under the guidance of Jay Luck, Michael Weist and Marion Brown. 

Other locations: Appleton and Green Bay, WI. Burnsville, MN and Pahoa, HI. 

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