Luck and Associates offers professional mystery shopping services with written analysis and recommendations upon completion. We draw upon a pool of trained shoppers fitting a wide variety of demographics.

Is your sales team using NLP techniques?

Competition Shopping
Many people don't realize the weaknesses of the competition. We discover them and create your opportunities
  • Unbiased review of product and sales staff.
  • Review of special offers and incentives.
  • Ideal for obtaining an unbiased evaluation of performance of a sales person you may be considering to hire. 

Internal Sales Staff Shopping
We provide detailled reports on how your sales staff stacks up. How many sales could you be losing right now? We then design the perfect team for your product and company culture that will get results.
  • Unbiased evaluation of performance.
  • Evaluation of sales person's knowledge and presentation of product, community and company. 
  • Pinpoint sales person's strengths and weakness' to assist in structuring an effective training program.