Luck and Associates and Metro Marketing offers professional sales training for new construction, resale, remodeling and development sales for real estate professionals.
  • Initial needs analysis session with client
  • Optional mystery shopping to evaluate strengths and weakness' in sales person's performance.
  • On-site programs including role-playing
  • Targeted hourly sessions for individuals or groups
  • Half and full-day sessions for individuals or groups
  • Six to twelve month ongoing programs for individuals or groups
  • Work style surveys for team development
  • NLP, Reframing, referral generation and Critical Path 
  • Strategic Partnership Program if your ready for it!
Discover how to grow your real estate sales, new home sales or mortgage or sales business with our unique approach to getting business. Based on achieving referrals from more customers than ever. Full service with a customer oriented approach. 50% of sales people who enlist in this coaching program will wash out in less than 30 days. It's for serious career minded professionals only.


Have a Real Estate License and no time to use it?
If you have a license and you have no experience or lots of experience, and you don't want to give up your license call us today. We have opportunities for 'no time and part time' agents and brokers that are incredible. Minnesota and Nevada. 

No Time to be in the business? Have the license?
If you have no experience or lots, and just no time to do the business, this is for you.
We have an incredible system to get paid for real estate sales without being actively involved. We'll teach you to get referrals in a very simple way, and get paid well. Some make as much as $200 per hour.
Call me today, Jay Luck 612-868-8177

'No time' agents can make over 200.00 per hour. Part time possibly more. 

For real. 

Call me NOW to find out HOW. 

Jay Luck 
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Luck and Associates are planning an exciting opportunity Summer, Fall and Winter 2011/12!! Call us today for information on our unique sessions that combine sailing, team building and extreme sales and marketing training in several national and international locations. 

Outbound type workshop involving sailing in the tropics and teaching your marketing, sales and construction team to be a powerful force together!


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